Aircrack-ng in movies

Bye Bye Morons

Aircrack-ng in the bottom terminal, cracking a WPA handshake. In the scene, they are attacking a Wi-Fi remotely, through a remote-controlled phone. The original title of this movie is Adieu les cons.

Bye Bye Morons (original title: Adieu les cons)


Airodump-ng in the bottom terminal, and a modified airmon-ng in the top of the terminal, on the right. In Condor season 1, episode 4.


Redes de Ambição

Airodump-ng and Aircrack-ng to crack WEP. First movie to use it correctly ;)

Redes de Ambicao


Aircrack-ng and metasploit in Reboot (Trailer).


The Courier

Aireplay-ng in The Courier. Did they notice the error?

The Courier


Airodump-ng in Touch Season 2 Episode 5, a little after 22 minutes.

Touch (1)

Touch (2)